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Watched “On the Road” last night. A lot’s been said about this film, both positive and negative, but I thought it was great.

But what really struck me was how they captured the stillness you used to be able to experience when you went on the road.

No electronic devices. No constant flood of information. If you were lucky you might pick up one or two radio stations broadcasting local content and some doo-wop, but that was about it. On the road meant something different then; it meant you could be the center of your own life, the star of your own universe. You weren’t always prodded to see your life in the frame of everything else happening back home, or in Washington or Hollywood. You didn’t have a stash of 14,000 songs, books on tape and language lessons on your iPod.

I wonder what you lose when you lose your capacity to handle silence?

Am also sort of wondering if there isn’t an app to help with that.

Written by Alan

November 3rd, 2013 at 4:37 pm

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