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SpeedThePlowDavid Mamet is going to self publish his next book. Or at least he claims he is. Could be one of those games you read about, get the other writers all excited about self-publishing then piss off to Knopf with your new manuscript. But what sorta guy who always writes about con artists would do that?

Interesting factoids from the article: Self-published books make up a quarter of Amazon book sales. That’s a lot of virtual paper for a young movement. Second factoid – going through an agency (ICM claims) can get you plum online placement not accorded un-agented self-publishers. Now this one I have to research. Sort of creepy when you think you’re at the forefront of a new movement but the cream is already being set aside for established players. Of course ICM could be playing one of those games where you convince a writer he’s getting special placement while you piss off to the bank with his royalties. But what sorta con-man publisher would do that?

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April 18th, 2013 at 10:36 pm

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